Dharamkot-A Mysterious Part of Macloadganj

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If you are interested in the lives of the Tibetans and Hippies then Macloadganj can provide you a chance to notice them closely. The small, beautiful place is located in Himachal Pradesh. From Macloadganj you can choose one between two round crossing each other. The families and tourist are more eager to see the waterfall and Bhasunag Temple. But if you love quiet places then Dharamkot is a better choice.



To reach Dharamkot from Macloadganj you can choose railway, airway or private volvo bus. But Govt. Tourism buses only go to till Dharamshala. From Dharamshala you have to take taxi or local bus.



Dharamkot’s beauty is astounding. This distant, amidst forests spot is less popular than Macloadganj. But that doesn’t hinder it from being a place with prepossessing view. The misty forests look mysterious in the early morning and evening.


Dharamkot is a heavenly place for the foodies. Various cafes and eat-outs are preparing delicious foods to quench the hunger of thetourists. You can stay in this pleasant location. If you want some activities then you can choose to be a trekker towards the Triund. As well as Dalai Lama Temple is also there if you need some spiritual peace.



There are not much nice hotels. As this location is known for the backpackers so a large amount of hotels provide small rooms only. But if you do some research beforehand then you can find out some nice place to stay at night. There are some pleasing chalets owned by local people. And they don’t even cost much. Within 1200 you can find a place to stay.


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