Aizawl-Capital of Mizo’s Land

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You are in Mizoram and couldn’t find a perfect place for shopping? Then you must visit the state’s capital, Aizawl. The city is waiting there with its peaceful life and exotic culture. The Northeastern States are known for their colourful clothes and accessories. And Aizawl adds more depth to this feature of the northeastern states.


The city maintains discipline and applies it everywhere. We cann’t compare between Aizawl and some cities like Delhi, Mumbai where people are active at night. The locals of Aizawl complete their everyday routine within 8pm. The view of the mountain from the city doesn’t hinder it from providing its people the modern facilities of today’s life. The small markets are home of awesome clothes and handloom materials.




Aizawl keeps her tourists in search for more fashionable pieces and still we can find new places everyday for shopping. The radiant clothes and hand made articles are the souvenirs you can take for your family and friends.


The transportation problems led me to visit in the city solely and let me explore the various dimensions of its people and culture. The locals are helpful and easy to talk with. We had found many small restaurants to taste the taste of their authentic foods. The use of various spices make them delicious. Aizawl is a heaven for the non-vegetarians. The chicken, beef, pork recipes are mouth watering.


The simplicity of the city’s people, presence of numerous markets, restaurants and the hill surrounded location make it a place of joint venture of man’s modernity and the older wilderness that still looms large among human beings.

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